Hi Everyone! My name is ”Toolie-Pauline”. In this day and age of hyphenated names, I thought I’d fit right in. The Beverly Shelter gave me the name of ‘Toolie’ and my Mom has a dog named Eddie (after her Dad) and named me Pauline (after her Mom). Problem was…Pauline just didn’t seem to fit me. BUT…”Toolie-Pauline” seemed to fit perfectly! No matter where I am…if Mom calls me, I come running.
I love my new home! My ‘brother’ Eddie is a Maltese-Poodle (Malti-Poo) and just LOVES kitties! We play together every day…he loves to chase me and I love to be chased! Eddie gets to go outdoors on a lead, but Mom wants me to stay inside. She said she had other kitties who are now in “Kitty Heaven” because they went outdoors and got into some real predicaments! She didn’t want that to happen to me. So, I sit in the screened windows and watch the world go by! I watch the birdies and the other animals outside. Mom has bird feeders that I watch for hours! (“Let me out, Mom…just for a minute! I promise I’ll be good…really!” She doesn’t believe me!)
My favorite things are the good ‘homemade’ food she feeds us. I get salmon, tuna, chicken liver, veggies, shrimp, etc. and a few treats too. My VERY favorite thing is this fluffy Swiffer duster thing Mom uses. OMG…I just love it! I carry it around like it was my baby (I pretend it is!). Mom buys me these furry, stuffed mice to play with. Eddie likes to chew them up…but Mom keeps a good supply on hand for me.
Life is definitely good!

With love & thanks,