Our family adopted Espresso from Beverly Animal Shelter a little over a month ago and has loved every moment we have shared with her. When we went to pick out our new kitty I was overwhelmed by the number of cats there were to choose from. I thought we were going to have a very hard decision to make. However, Espresso was one of the first cats that came up to us and followed us everywhere we went. In all honesty, Espresso chose us and made our decision an easy one.
Once we got her home, Kayla, our 3.5 year old daughter changed her name to Olive, but we all ended up calling her Ollie. Ollie found her place in our family from day one. She loves all of the attention she receives, especially belly rubs. Ollie loves to be brushed and enjoys all of her new toys. She is a well behaved kitty and has not once scratched on furniture or woodwork in her new house. Ollie is also a very vocal little girl and will carry on conversations with anyone willing to talk to her. One of her favorite things to do is sit in a sunny window and watch what is going on in the world outside. The whole family is completely in love with Ollie and couldn’t imagine our lives without her. She has found her forever home!
-Mark, Karen & Kayla Ohlrich