Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater

Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater is now “Petey.” He spent about a year at the Beverly Shelter after being picked up at the Waterloo ARC home. He had been poking around the home for some time and no one knows how he came to be there.
Rosie is my sweet eleven year old black pug who was in need of an animal companion. Another elderly pug and cat of mine had recently passed away. Rosie loved her other kitty.
When I visited Beverly Shelter, five year old Petey was on the counter, the center of attention…and trying to snag a French fry from one of the staff. I picked him up and he immediately settled into my arms, soaking up all the loving he could get. For me at least it was love at first sight.
Petey was initially very suspicious of Rosie and would sometimes “bat” and chase her but after a month or so he saw she was harmless. It took time and patience. I think the photo of them sleeping next to each other speaks for itself.
Petey likes to eat, play with cat toys, getting brushed or combed, knows his name and allows me to clip his nails, one or two at a time. He has tried to play with Rose and they are still working on that. I recently found out he likes watching TV when there are animals on…at least he liked the documentary “Planet Earth.” Maybe he fancies himself a tiger chasing down a gazelle. But best of all he seems to like napping in my arms or on my lap.