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Found or Lost a Pet?

Found or Lost a Pet?

Beverly Animal Shelter is now partnered with Petco Love Lost. Where we are able to compile all our found pets in one convenient database! We at the shelter encourage you to try this new system out if you ever find a domestic animal or lose a domestic animal. If you find an injured dog or cat in Seneca County please contact the shelter directly ...

Email your pictures and stories to: BeverlyShelter@yahoo.com

About the Shelter

Originally founded in 1958 by Gladys Schultz (and fondly known as “Schultz’s, the Beverly Animal Shelter is located in Waterloo, New York. Since Glady’s passing in 1991, the shelter was purchased and operated by Dallyn Jenkins, President of the Board of Directors. At that time the shelter was named after Jenkins own mother Beverly, an animal lover and Glady’s friend. In 2008, the Beverly Animal Shelter was designated a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

The BAS is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and no-kill facility. Only animals that are too aggressive or that are terminal and in pain are humanely euthanized. The shelter utilizes local vets for medical care and advice for its animals. We do not euthanize and animal to make space, nor do we pick or choose “optimal” animals to take in. For this reason many animals may spend their entire life at our shelter. These are the special animals that many other shelters deem un- adoptable and would put down or not accept due to their behavioral or medical conditions.

For over 50 years the BAS has operated largely on generous donation of the public. The shelter takes in nearly 1000 cats and dogs each year, and on occasion other animals such as birds. Because space is limited and the shelter is run almost entirely on donations, a donation is appreciated when turning in an animal to the shelter’s care. The donation helps provide food and supplies, vet care, the spay or neuter of the animal if not already done, as well as pay for the utilities, maintenance and repair for our facility. BAS is run on an absolute shoestring! We cannot take every animal brought to the shelter, but we try! Please stop by the shelter and visit our animals and see what we are all about!