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King and Marley

Here is a picture of both King and Marley ! Thank you so much for King and Marley. They are doing great ! King loves hiking in the woods and Marely loves swimming in the river. I am so happy that they found a Forever Home !

-The Castro Family

Cappuccino & Mocha

“Just to let everyone know, these cats are Beverly Animal Shelter cats and they are in that room because that is their home. The Black and White one is the King of Pets and the other one was adopted over the summer. The shelter is a No Kill Shelter incase anybody is interested and that is the way to go. These cats ask as a part of the spirit of giving to please adopt.”

-Jane Davidson


Tabitha was adopted by us on New Years Eve. It took her three long weeks to come out from under the bed but once she finally trusted us and her new home she has been quite a family member. She is between 1 and 2 and was found as a stray in Interlaken. She loves to play with toys and often calls to us when she wants us to play catch with her. We love her dearly and although my husband said it would be MY cat, Sammy definitely loves him so much too and is often found in his lap! We are so happy to have her and we are so glad that she originally “picked me out” the day I walked in!
-Linda  & Frank Della Rosa

Our Family

doxstader4Tony is the newest kitty member of our family. We now have 2 dogs and 3 cats. We also adopted Lucy about 3 years ago from the shelter and she fit right in just like Tony has. All of our animals get along together while they lounge around all day.

Also in the pictures is our black lab, Bear. He was the first animal member of our family almost 9 years ago now. We love all of our animals even as we keep taking in more. If it were up to me, I would take in 5 more, but I know my parents won’t go for that.

doxstader5Thank you Beverly’s for providing us with our newest family members! We love them all!”

– The Dodoxstader2xstader Familydoxstader1

Dot the Bunny Rabbit

We adopted our beautiful rabbit at Easter time of 2012.
She is my baby!! She is so sweet and loving. She makes an
insane amount of noise when her food dish is empty. She
loves bananas and snap peas. Thank you Beverly animal
shelter for this wonderful addition to our family!”




Santa_Toby_337x600Hi – it’s me, the dog formerly known as Tyre.  I went to live with my  new Mom and Dad November 7th, 2010.  Mama says that’s her lucky day, but  I know it was mine.  We are such a great family.  Of course, I had some  adjustments to make.  First they changed my name to Tobias Cooper.   It’s such a mouthful that all my friends call me Toby.   Then, of  course, was the move up here to the farm.  So many animals to watch and  fields to walk.  I’m glad Mama lets me do all my watching from the  family room window!

We’ve done so many things together these last two months!  I’ve been  a special surprise guest at a preschool, visited friends, rescued Dad  when his truck broke down, and went shopping.  But I like it best when  we just snuggle.  The hardest decision I have is Mama’s lap or Dad’s.

We had the whole family here for Christmas.   I dressed up as Santapaws.  I even got new toys!  I love it here!  And  Mama says I’m a very good boy.  Of course, that’s only when I stay out  of the trash.  I’m learning.  And I’m learning new commands too.  I sit,  come, shake.  I still beg too.  Whatever it takes to get a treat you  know.
OK Toby, quit typing.  It’s Mama’s turn now.

TobyJust wanted to  thank everyone at BAS.  I wasn’t looking for a new dog.  But then along  came Toby and stole my heart.  He’s a joy and a treasure.  I couldn’t  have found a better dog if I searched for years.  He fits into our home  like he’s always been here.  I tell everyone where we found him and how  great BAS is.  My hope is that someday there won’t be a need for  shelters, but until then I certainly am grateful BAS is there.

Gary, Lauri, and Toby Stoltz


We adopted our Lexi-Belle ((formerly Cindy)) from
The Beverly Animal Shelter January 24 of 2009.

Lexi has been the perfect family pet.  She has learned to walk on the leash without being a freight train.  A dog barrier allows her to have her own space in the car, as she loves  to go for rides.  She gets along swell with our geriatric Sammi-Cat and  the best part is to see our sons head on her belly while he reads his  latest book. We searched for an entire year before finding Lexi at  Beverly and are so thankful that we were given the opportunity to love  and care for such a great dog as Lexi.

Thank you, The Barbers

Mr. Lodi

We adopted Mr. Lodi for our dealership cat at Peter Koch Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram in Seneca Falls, NY. He is our little hunter. He is such a loving and affectionate cat. The customers love him, and so do the employees, including myself! He’s nice to have around here, when things get stressful, Mr. Lodi is there and makes everything all better!
Thanks a bunch Beverly Animal Shelter, we love our boy!

-Stephanie Kuti and the customers and employees of Peter Koch



Bubba_and_Gramps_800x397After losing our oldest of four dogs (our 11 year old rottie Apollo passed in November and is sadly missed) we were not in the market for another dog. Although we greatly missed having an older dog in the family we decided three was enough. While checking out Beverly’s website one day all that changed. There he was “GRAMPS” this old dog who somehow ended up at the shelter, life is not fair. Everyday I checked and everyday he was still there. I so missed having an old guy in the family that I decided it was time to take a ride and check him out. I was fearful that no one would give him a chance because he was an older dog that was missing some fur and not “cute” like some of the younger dogs. Upon meeting Gramps I knew I had to bring him to our home to live out the rest of his life with a loving family, he deserved at least that much. This was one of the best decisions I had made in a long time.
100_1245_800x589Gramps, who we call Stink is awesome. He was totally housebroken when we got him and can be left alone without a worry. Anyone who has ever gotten a puppy or young dog will know how great this is. He is great with the other dogs and demands respect from them, this is funny to watch. Stink is also very, very loving and is happy to just sit with us and watch TV. Overall Stink is the BEST! He has stolen our hearts and will be with us for the rest of his life.

Anyone out there looking to get a dog please do not pass over the old ones. They have great qualities that only come with age.
Thank you to Beverly’s for another great addition to our family. Your hard work makes it possible for these animals to have a second shot at life.

-The Bruno’s


We have renamed Julio to Boomer. Boomer has become one of the family. He has a few favorite spots in the house to sleep – during the night he’ll sneak up on the couch. When I arrive at home from work, he is right by the door waiting for me. He loves to go on long walks especially down by the lake. Boomer has met other dogs and is quite friendly, only a couple he did not like very much. He follows me around like a shadow. Boomer is a very special and wonderful guy.