Do you recognize this guy? This is Dante. We brought him home on June 24th. We wanted an indoor cat and Dante is perfect. He doesn’t scratch.cry or even try to get out. His infection cleared up after two weeks of antibiotics and he has gained 1 lb. He has plenty of windows to look out of and can see seagulls on the lake and rabbits, woodchucks and a large variety of birds in the back yard. He is good with the grand children when they come to visit
and likes the attention of any visitor wanting to play with him. He has a scratching post with a perch and plays on it with his toys. He loves to fall asleep on my lap as I rub his belly and scratch his head. At night he likes to cuddle next to me in bed with my arm around him.
Vicky and I could not believe that he was at the shelter for a year before we picked him out. Who wouldn’t want such a sweet guy. We feel so lucky to have him around. We just love him.
Thank you so much.

– Doug and Vicki Shultz