1_800x600It is perfect that my Star Wars loving boys wouldn’t for a moment think about changing Chewy’s name (short for Chewbacca!), since he does resemble Chewbacca, and when wrestling with our dog Jack, he even SOUNDS like Chewbacca! He loves his squeaky toys, going for walks, or for rides in the truck, playing ball and tug of war, and is eager to learn when my 7 and 9 year old sons are teaching him new tricks and commands. He is initially protective when grownup strangers approach, giving a soft growl and a warning bark, but they become his best friends once we tell him they are okay. There is no wariness with any child that comes over- he instantly loves every one of them! With all of the running and playing they do all day now, he is helping our border collie mix, Jack, lose some much needed weight. They make much use of our large yard, now that he is all trained on the invisible fence. Poor Jack tried hard to play with our last dog, Tasha, who had a chronic torn ligament and couldn’t get around well. When we had to put our beloved Tasha down, Jack would sit forlornly in Tasha’s favorite spot, not wanting to play or do anything. Now Jack and Chewy are inseperable, with Jack trying to teach Chewy the seriousness buisness of keeping squirrels and birds and rabbits out of the yard, and Chewy teaching Jack the serious business of wrestling and playing tag and digging around in the flower beds and the kids sandbox.
I know that he was unsuccessfully adopted out two times previously, but that must be because he was meant to be with us! We are lucky to have him a part of our family now. He is such a sweet dog, and he looks at you gratefully for every bit of loving you give. His tail never stops wagging, and he looks like he is always smiling. I love when he cocks his head and looks at you, eager to find out what is next. Thank you for all of your help, and I wish the same happy endings for all of the other pets that come through your doors!

-Kristen, Chris, Steven, Michael, Jack and Chewy