Rock_ _ _

Sup, dogs? I live in G-Town (Geneva). I miss you guys sooooo much.
The first thing we did when I moved in was shorten my name to just plain Rock instead of Rocky. Sometimes, I think the humans around here get confused. They change my name on a pretty regular basis (Rocktastic, Rocket, Rockstar, Rocco). Either way, I think it kinda suits me!
You gotta come check out my new spot. It’s got a T.V., a computer, and so many toys! I even have my own couch and everything! Oh, and I can’t forget the awesome grub!
My new family is made up of a giant named Daddy, Mommy, who keeps saying that I’m spoiled rotten (whatever that means), my sisters named Bretlyn and Mackenzie, and my brothers Taylor and Alex. They are the strangest things I’ve ever seen. They only have two legs. My other sister, Muffin, has four legs though. She’s one of us, so we’re cool!
When I first got here, I went to a place called “school” Mommy said I did so great that we are going back in the spring! I got a brand new collar while I was there, Bretlyn called it “bling”, but all I know is that it is silver and shiny and it helps me get into a lot less trouble!
All in all, this is a pretty great place to live! I love my new family! Talk to you soon! I’m gonna go beat up the Dirt Devil!