Nov.2010_124_800x600Stanley, previously called “Buster”, is a pit/boxer mix who is the most handsome dog you will ever lay your eyes on!! Not only was he blessed with beauty but he has a sweet playful personality too! After losing our beloved dog in early September, I found myself spending time at the Beverly Animal Shelter where the dogs brought me so much joy. It wasn’t long before Stanley won my heart ( actually many of them did but I couldn’t adopt them all!!) He really enjoys spending time with the family, whether it is going for a walk, playing soccer in the fenced in yard or as you can see in the picture, being read to!! Anywhere his family is (even if it means dressing up in a silly costume for Halloween!), as long as Stanley is with them, he is one happy boy!! He has blessed our family and brought us so much joy!! We never thought that we could love a dog as much as we had loved our previous one but Stanley proved us wrong!! We have often said that someone “lost” an incredible dog and we cannot believe that he was not claimed!!! We recently began fostering another wonderful pitbull from the shelter whom Stanley has accepted lovingly into his kingdom!! In addition, we have a little furry female pooch in the home whom sets Stanley straight when the playing needs to end!! You should see the little 8 pound dog rule!!! Many thanks to the absolutely wonderful folks at Beverly Shelter for allowing us to adopt this wonderful boy!! The work you do at the shelter is incredible!!

With love and gratitude,

-The MacIntosh Family