Dan had lost his beloved black lab a few months ago and I knew eventually we would be looking for another dog when he was ready. I suggested we stop by Beverly’s since the year before we had adopted our cat Leia(aka Goldie) from the shelter. We saw Tucker(aka Aaron) and fell in love. The next day we brought our Corgi, Tegan, out to meet Tucker and the deal was sealed. They got along!! We picked up Tucker the following week. Tucker needed work on potty training but that only took a week and a half. He inhaled his food in about 10 seconds so I got him a special dish that makes him work a little for his food. Now it takes 2 minutes for him to eat. He has fit in wonderfully into our family. He learned that couches are great for naps and Mr. I Don’t Let Dogs on the Bed (Dan) has given up the fight for a dog free bed!! Now, we need a bigger bed. Tucker and Tegan play constantly. They are best buds. Only a handful of tiffs, Tucker has learned Tegan is boss and accepts it.She has taught him to bark at the vacuum and the cats have taught him to sit on the kitchen table. So we have work on those issues. He doesn’t get the thrill of swimming in the pond but hopefully Tegan will get him to enjoy it. All in all, Tucker is a joy to have as our furkid. Still some puppy issues but you couldn’t ask for a nicer dog. He is home where he belongs!!!

-Ellen & Dan