Hi everybody! It’s Ziggy here, and I am now living with my new Mom and Dad. They are a busy young couple, so we do a lot of traveling around, while visiting many friends and family. Everyone I meet loves me very much! I have two houses to live in. One is on a mountainside in Vermont, where I spend my days hiking and running through the woods. Sometimes, my little legs get stuck in the snow, and I need help getting over the streams. My other house is on a lake in New York, where I play in the water and jump off the dock. Once I am able to sit still, Mom and Dad will take me out in the canoe! They spoil me rotten. They buy me many toys, which I promptly shred to pieces with my sharp baby teeth. I also get to eat tasty leftovers at every meal. For Christmas this year, I received new collars and a stylish bandana that I wear around my neck. I think it makes me look like a bandit! I am growing very fast, but I know I will always fit snuggly in my Mom’s lap. Pretty soon, both of my ears will be standing up like a big dog’s! Now a word from my parents.
Many, many thanks to BAS for giving us our new best friend! We are having a blast with Ziggy in our home. He is a happy, healthy puppy with tons of energy. We’re very excited to watch him grow and share our love of the outdoors with him. We couldn’t have had a better adoption experience. Thank you!!!

Love, Brooke, Jerod and Ziggy