Jake is doing well. We had a bit of an adjustment trying to convince him he was a dog. He seemed a bit confused to discover he was not human, could not sleep in the bed with us, did not fit on our laps, could only have dog appropriate food, was expected to remain in the crate when put there and was not the alpha personality in the house. We are very familiar with the breed mix. Our last adoption was a boxer/pit mix. Tons of personality, plenty of stubborn to go around and too much energy. He is a wonderful boy. We love him lots & lots. The three year old grand child thinks he is from build-a-bear. She spends most of her time hugging him or stalking him to love him up… He is VERY thoughtful with her. VERY gentle.
The last dog adoption was a 90 lb. boxer/pit mix. He was six months at adoption and we had him 14 years. Jake is filling the gap in our lives that Zeus left. And while he is not our Zeus, he will make his own place in our broken hearts.
Thank you for caring for him until we found him

-Kathy & Paul