Our family was the adopters of “Sleepy” in the Cockapoo litter. We have since renamed him Lenny and he is adapting very well to our family of 5!!! He is full of energy and loves playing with our 3 children ages 1 to 5 ½. He is still very puppy and loves chewing and eating anything he can get his paws on. He has lost most all his puppy teeth and will be neutered in April. He has a hernia also which will be taken care of at that time. He has also had one good haircut and looked so cute.
Lenny has grown.. he weighed in at about 12 pounds at his last vet appointment. I think he is probably close to 13-14 now and I am not sure how much bigger he will get. The vet thought maybe 15 -18 pounds.

We are really enjoying our dog!!! Thank you Beverly Animal Shelter.