028_800x600Hello Everyone!

This is Mitch and Kelly and we just wanted to let you know that Wally ( now named Murphy ) is doing just wonderfully! We have attached some photos for you here.

Murphy has had some new and wonderful experiences in the past week and and has adapted to perfectly~ what a wonderful boy he is!! He gets to sleep in the bed, has lots of new toys, he plays outside, goes for walks in the country, for rides in the car and so on 🙂

He and Daisy get along great and have developed quite a bond and he has a very special and close bond with Mitch. You would think he has been here forever, the way he acts and we treat him like our child. He has a new patient appointment set up for Monday at the vet and we will surely keep you posted on any news!

007_800x600We want to thank you for helping us through the adoption process with Murphy. He is simply the sweetest, cutest, most loving little guy anyone could ever ask for and we cherish him so much!

Take care
Kelly and Mitch –