Bubba_and_Gramps_800x397After losing our oldest of four dogs (our 11 year old rottie Apollo passed in November and is sadly missed) we were not in the market for another dog. Although we greatly missed having an older dog in the family we decided three was enough. While checking out Beverly’s website one day all that changed. There he was “GRAMPS” this old dog who somehow ended up at the shelter, life is not fair. Everyday I checked and everyday he was still there. I so missed having an old guy in the family that I decided it was time to take a ride and check him out. I was fearful that no one would give him a chance because he was an older dog that was missing some fur and not “cute” like some of the younger dogs. Upon meeting Gramps I knew I had to bring him to our home to live out the rest of his life with a loving family, he deserved at least that much. This was one of the best decisions I had made in a long time.
100_1245_800x589Gramps, who we call Stink is awesome. He was totally housebroken when we got him and can be left alone without a worry. Anyone who has ever gotten a puppy or young dog will know how great this is. He is great with the other dogs and demands respect from them, this is funny to watch. Stink is also very, very loving and is happy to just sit with us and watch TV. Overall Stink is the BEST! He has stolen our hearts and will be with us for the rest of his life.

Anyone out there looking to get a dog please do not pass over the old ones. They have great qualities that only come with age.
Thank you to Beverly’s for another great addition to our family. Your hard work makes it possible for these animals to have a second shot at life.

-The Bruno’s