october_019Action Mila Griner
We adopted Action on 9/17/10. She has been with us a month now and is very much a part of the family.
Action overall is a smart, loyal, happy and eager dog. When she is really happy not only her tail wags but her whole body does. She loves her tummy rubbed and to snuggle. She knows her set time to eat and will be very pleasant in the way she reminds you. She sleeps through the night now “YEAH”!!! She has learned many things… fetch is one of her favorites. She can sit, lay, stay, fetch, come, heal and she knows not to jump. Action does have a sister now that is a feline (Nipper’s) and her sister will play and toy with her eager and naiveness. But as much as Action loves to eat and play, those are nothing compared to her love of her boys. Her boys are 11 and 8 yrs old and the sun rises and sets on them in her mind. Actually in the boys mind too (for Action that is). Her and the boys bonded very quickly. Wherever they are, she is.
Action is so liked by everyone that comes to our house that I have heard that they want to take her home with them!
Action is a great fit for our family and home. She was either that way when she came to the shelter or learned what would make her fit in better with in days of being here. The answer could be both but either way she is a great dog. And her family (including the cat) love her to pieces!!
Thanks again to Beverly’s for bring us together!!!

-Action Mila Griner’s human family and feline sister