Lindy has been named Libby – convenient mix-up that worked out really well. Her cage was accidentally mismarked and the name stuck. Libby has been ridiculously good – some family is really missing this dog. She is well trained, well behaved, and even knows a few tricks. We have been blessed to add her to our family. She was a surprise to our 13 year old son – see the photo. He’s a great kid and had to go through putting down our previous dog earlier this year due to the dog’s age – a rough lesson in life. Libby has been a god-send for him and they are now the best of friends. This adoption is truly a Happy Tail. You never quite know what you are walking into with a rescue pet, and we could not be happier. We’ve added a new member to our family and she is getting all the love she deserves.
Thanks again for everything you do – please keep up the good work!

-Martin & Family