Hi! I call this picture 2 headed doggie because Cay is so close to her best friend Buddy (also a rescue) that they look attatched at the neck!. “Scarlett” came to us as a skittish, fightened little girl who had never lived in a family before. She was immediately accepted into our animal family by Buddy, Baci, and Smokey because of her sweet and non-aggressive personality. Week by week and month by month her beautiful personality unfolded before our eyes. With lots of tender loving care she became very relaxed and comfortable in our home. She is now outgoing and playful! She is energetic, loves going on long hikes, chaseing old Buddy around the house, and following the watchdog “house patrol” taught to her by our Australian Shepherd Baci. Cay is very loving with us, snuggling up at every opportunity. She is so beautiful, that everyone stops to stare at her, commenting on her lovely soulful eyes. We are so very fortunate to have adopted this wonderful dog. Our family has been blessed by her presence.

-Jeanne Lee Moran