Santa_Toby_337x600Hi – it’s me, the dog formerly known as Tyre.  I went to live with my  new Mom and Dad November 7th, 2010.  Mama says that’s her lucky day, but  I know it was mine.  We are such a great family.  Of course, I had some  adjustments to make.  First they changed my name to Tobias Cooper.   It’s such a mouthful that all my friends call me Toby.   Then, of  course, was the move up here to the farm.  So many animals to watch and  fields to walk.  I’m glad Mama lets me do all my watching from the  family room window!

We’ve done so many things together these last two months!  I’ve been  a special surprise guest at a preschool, visited friends, rescued Dad  when his truck broke down, and went shopping.  But I like it best when  we just snuggle.  The hardest decision I have is Mama’s lap or Dad’s.

We had the whole family here for Christmas.   I dressed up as Santapaws.  I even got new toys!  I love it here!  And  Mama says I’m a very good boy.  Of course, that’s only when I stay out  of the trash.  I’m learning.  And I’m learning new commands too.  I sit,  come, shake.  I still beg too.  Whatever it takes to get a treat you  know.
OK Toby, quit typing.  It’s Mama’s turn now.

TobyJust wanted to  thank everyone at BAS.  I wasn’t looking for a new dog.  But then along  came Toby and stole my heart.  He’s a joy and a treasure.  I couldn’t  have found a better dog if I searched for years.  He fits into our home  like he’s always been here.  I tell everyone where we found him and how  great BAS is.  My hope is that someday there won’t be a need for  shelters, but until then I certainly am grateful BAS is there.

Gary, Lauri, and Toby Stoltz