Online A-Paw-Colypse Entry Form

A-Paw-Colypse Run 2017

  • In submitting this entry, I hereby acknowledge that participation in this speed contest constitutes an extreme test of my physical and mental abilities and carries with it the potential for death, serious injury and/or property loss. I hereby expressly assume all risk of injury and damage and release Beverly Animal Shelter committee members, all sponsors of this race, the State of New York/New York State Department of Transportation, any municipality in which the event is conducted and any governmental entity whose facilities are affected by the event, or any of their employees or agents working for or on the event, from all liability and claims of and claims of whatever nature or cause which may occur as a result of my participation or the participation of my pet/pets, in this speed contest. I further acknowledge that “No persons or entity shall have the right to bring an action against the State or municipality or any person employed by the State or municipality who was acting within the scope of his authority, for damages resulting from or in connection with any such race, contest or exhibitions.” All Team Members must submit an application. For more information call 315-539-9357.