IMG_20110127_145802_800x600Vern is settling in very well! He loves his new pug sister and keeps trying to get is feline sisters to play (they still aren’t so sure of him). He loves the snow and loves to cuddle under the covers. He is still in the process of learning to do his business outside, and he seems to be VERY smart! He loves giving kisses ALL the time, and has yet to meet a person he doesn’t like! He loves to go for long walks in downtown Geneva, but he is scared of cars, so we are working on his fear and so far seems to be going well! He does seem to have some severe separation anxiety which has caused him to have a little destruction in the house if we leave him out for more than a few minutes when he is alone. Other than that Vern is a great addition and we couldn’t be happier with him! We are looking forward to celebrating his first birthday next month!!!

-Lisa and Darrell